Listening to my roommate scream about basketball is annoying enough. Hearing him scream about a basketball video game? That’s even worse. 

“Zion is 280 pounds!”

“Now Curry can’t make threes??!!??”

“That doesn’t happen in real life!!”

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That doesn’t happen in real life is right. Complaints about the busted gameplay stylings of EA’s newest sports game release, NBA 2K20,are valid and justified. One of the most annoying is the speed of the game. In an attempt to feel realistic, the abysmally slow speed of the game actually makes it all feel unnatural. Players take forever to get up and down the court, making you feel like you’re never really getting the chance to ‘heat up.’ 

Am I complaining as a casual basketball fan who sucks at the game? Perhaps. But I’m also reflecting the frustrations that fans of the franchise have been voicing online since the game’s September 6threlease. 

Issues with game pace, shooting controls being more finicky than ever, and random bugs. Things that should be easy (like making an easy lay-up with a wide-open Anthony Davis) are now an RNG gamble. The NBA seems to have an even worse problem than Madden or any of the other sports game franchises. Game flow changes make it nearly impossible to update a repetitive system, and no time can be spent making major improvements. But hey, it’s a sport game. We should be used to disappointment by now.