Magic: The Gathering – You’re dead to me!


I awoke this morning to the tune of the same monotonous alarm that has ruined my weekdays since I began working as an adult.

Whilst I was in the shower my mind wandered to the MTG Secret Lair – Prime Slime which I ordered about a month or so back, I was trying to remember what the shipping date was. First thing I did when my workday started was find out the shipping date.

A quick google of Secret Lair and hop to the website and I am presented with something truly exciting. MTG and The Walking Dead have done a crossover!! (At this point I completely forgot about Prime Slime) It hit me like Lucille hit Glen (RIP) and I eagerly scoured the internet for any kind of spoilers for the cards. Unfortunately they have kept the cards quite close to their chests, with a full reveal coming on October 4th. For now, we have two spoilers, Negan and Michonne.

The cards themselves are OK. Michonne being better than Negan in my opinion, but man that artwork! I think these cards look amazing! I would’ve loved to have seen them foiled but alas, we can’t have it all can we. I am really interested to see what other characters they go with, normally a Secret Lair consists of four or five cards, my guess is Daryll will get his own as they are pulling source material from the TV series. Surely Rick needs his own right? Time will tell.