This is a piece taken from M1cha3l’s blog where he covers Overwatch characters and how he likes them.

“Wrecking ball was a tough character for me because I didn’t really understand what I was supposed to do. I wasn’t taking advantage of his speed or his pile driver. I wanted to stand in front of the enemies and battle it out. so, I went to the Facebook groups to ask questions and I found out that to be a good Hammond you must roll, use grappling hook, pile driver and repeat. use the speed to get the support and use the grapple hook to build speed and knock tanks back. in some maps it’s easier to knock enemies off the map than engage in a gun battle.

Hammond’s ultimate ability Mine Field is effective when you follow it with a pile driver. the pile driver elevates the enemies and it gives the minefield time to activate. you can grappler around a payload or on to something in the point to secure it. Hammond is good flanking the enemies and separating them allowing your team to capitalize. Once I got the hang of playing Hammond it was fun.”

You can find more articles like this written by M1CHA3L at his blog, where he covers a different hero each week in the popular team fps Overwatch.