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It’s not only about the News it’s about the Games!

Whether you are new to esports, a casual gamer or a retro gamer, Good Game Report aka GG Report is here for you with the most up to date and in depth information.

Good Game Report is a gaming community network, designed to be an open forum for anything and everything to do with gaming.

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GG Stream Squad

Uncle Stav - "Stav"

The GG Squad continues to grow with the one and only, Uncle Stav. Uncle Stav streams Fortnite and various other games but like the rest of us, he is an average gamer who has fun. He has played console his whole life and started streaming about 3-4 months ago. He played baseball with GG_Capp in college and just hung up the cleats this past summer after 10 years in the Boston Park League. He started playing competitive slow pitch softball and travels around the US for tournaments.

IRL Profession: Investment accountant and I’m into fitness and nutrition (except between Thanksgiving and Christmas)

Favorite games: Zelda Ocarina of Time, NHL, Fallout, God of War, and Fortnite

Check Him Out: Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter

unnamed (1)

Another addition to the GG Squad, the man, the myth, the legend GoNzO! He is a gym head who needs no spotter and an all around sports enthusiast. His gaming career started when MW2 came out. He was playing non-stop everyday after baseball or football practice and even played competitive with his clan fxg where he made top 5 in the sniper leader boards. He has been streaming since November 2016.

IRL Profession: Manager at Carquest Autoparts

Favorite Games: Fortnite, COD:MW2, PUBG, Super Smash Brothers, COD:BO4

Check Him Out: Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter

What we are about

Our goal at Good Game Report is to focus on whats important to the gamer.  Its not so much about the news of which player is switching to what team but more about GAMEPLAY.  What are cool, new styles of play for your favorite games?  What tips or tricks do people have that they can share with the community?  What does everyone think of the latest patch or update?  What sets these esports players apart, who are making money off playing video games, from the rest of us?  This is the core of what the Good Game Report is about

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Be a part of Good Game Report's growth! We are looking for content creators as we embark on this journey to excellence. Posting on Reddit? Post here for credit and be a part of something big. Our content creators will be rewarded as the page views start piling in!