This afternoon February 15th at 3PM EST will be the second Apex Legneds Tournament of the week. Today is the Code Red Tournament that is being hosted by fellow competitor Dr.Disrespect. This tournament is going to have teams competing for $20,000, 1st Place taking home $12,000 of that.

The Code Red tournament will be livestreamed on by some of the most popular streamers out there. Some of the streamers participating in this tournament are Dr.Disrespect, Summit1G, Ninja, and HighDistortion. Will Ninja, King Richard, and Dizzy be able to win their second tournament of the week?

Apex Legends has an extremely fun play style that allows players with great aim and movement to succeed by playing extremely aggressive. The clip below shows Dizzy getting up close and personal against a full squad in the Twitch Rivals 50K tournament from earlier in the week. In the clip Dizzy shows his incredible accuracy and great movement to stay alive by himself.

dizzy Playing Apex Legends – Twitch Clips

Casual solo squad wipe – Clipped by DeviMon_

Make sure to tune in this afternoon to see some great highlights and extremely high level gameplay. Many streamers will be competing for there share of the prize for this tournament.