So I tried out the Apple Arcade that came out earlier in September.  Apple has pegged this as being able to play over 100 games for a small price of $4.99 a month.  I scrolled through it expecting some fun and more in depth games than your normal free to play games on your iPhone.  As I was watching preview videos for certain action games, nothing stood out to me, so I went to the strategy section of games to try and find something that involves thinking (something to stimulate the brain).  I came across a game called Spaceland. 

Watching the preview video and screenshots it kind of reminded me of Final Fantasy Tactics (was released on the original PlayStation in January 1998 for all of you kids that weren’t born then).  Spaceland is a game where you go through stages defeating enemies by selecting where you move on the board, and then are only able to shoot your weapon from a certain distance.  So, it seems that you have to use you mind to strategize where to move to avoid the enemy and be in striking distance of your weapon.  However, this was very elementary and childish.  This could be an intriguing game for an 8 year old maybe, the game says it is for ages 12+.  I do not buy that.  The game was so simple and redundant that I stopped playing after 5 minutes.  Also, there was way too many dialogue scenes that I injured my index finger tapping vigorously to skip all of the talking.  Below are a couple screenshots of the game and the annoying dialogue sequence that I am icing my finger from. 

Image of a fighting sequence in Spaceland

I give Spaceland 1 star out of 5.  I give Apple Arcade 0.5 stars out of 5.  I was really hoping to experience games that were better than all the freebies out there on the App Store.  Why pay $4.99 a month for crappy games when you can just play them for free normally?

I hope Apple TV+ has better to offer than Apple Arcade. 

Annoying dialogue that took forever to get through