APPLE — During the big Apple press conference where they announce all the new products they are lining up for consumers, they led off with an appeal to gamers.

Apple Arcade a service that Apple has been hinting at for a while now finally has some more details.

Apple Arcade will launch September 19, and will be $4.99 a month with the first month offering a free trial to the service.

The service that Apple will be offering is a monthly subscription similar to EA Access, Xbox game pass, and Uplays new Uplay+ subscription. You pay a monthly fee and have full access to the library of games that are included.

During the conference, Apple said that the library will feature over 100 new exclusive games that can be playable with Xbox or PS4 controllers if you choose to not use the touch screen.

The service will be available across all iPhones, iPod touch, Ipad, Mac, and Apple TV.

Apple said they plan to bring more games to the already pretty large library over time.

I personally think this is a great thing for mobile gamers. I play a lot of games on my iPad at work and at home and love mobile gaming.

A lot of game companies are moving towards subscription services and I think for 5 dollars this is a pretty full package as mobile games have gotten a lot better in quality over the last few years.

What do you guys think about this gaming push by Apple? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Here is the Apple announcement trailer

Introducing Apple Arcade – Coming Fall 2019

Games that redefine games. To create Apple Arcade, Apple has joined forces with some of the world’s most innovative game developers to realize the games of their dreams – and yours. Coming this fall.