Everyone loves to play games that give them nostalgia. Such as the old Call of Duty games or Tony Hawk Pro Skater, but are companies just making a quick buck by remastering these games? We all enjoy reliving our childhoods and playing the games of our youth. It just seems odd that companies are spending additional resources to be able to release a remastered title in the downtime between releasing their new title for that year.

Many publishers have realized that they can capitalize on the fact that the people who play their games each year are ready to move on about 6-8 months into the games life cycle. The past couple of years we have noticed a large uptick in the release of remastered titles. Publishers are starting to release remastered titles a few months before the release of their new title. We can use Call of Duty as a good example of this as they have released CoD 4 and MW2 (campaign) remasters in the past couple of years. We have also seen some rumors of a potential Black Ops 2 Remaster but we are not sure when that will come out.

Some publishers are using remastered versions of previous titles to build hype for a new title. A perfect example of this is Crash Bandicoot. They released a remastered version of all of their previous titles a few months before announcing a new title. Halo also did the same when they released the Master Chief Collection before releasing Halo 5.

We can all see that remastered games are an easy way for publishers to make extra money each year. The fact is that if we as players are going to buy the remastered titles the publishers will continue to make them. It is great to play all of these older titles and get that nostalgia, but I don’t think we should have to pay a second time to play a title that we owned when we were younger.