Black Skylands is currently being developed by Hungry Couch Games, a team of game devs based in Moscow. Hungry Couch was founded in April of 2019 by Konstantin Burov. Now it has been contracted with the publisher, tinyBuild Games for developing the Black Skylands game. It is the first game that they’re making. the tinyBuild studios are well known for published games like Hello Neighbour, Party Hard, and Graveyard Keeper.
Black Skylands is currently available as a demo over at Steam and will release in 2021 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Earth turned into thousands of islands. In the new world, you have to fight the swarm hidden in the depths of the Eternal Storm. Push back bandits and soldiers of the White Front.
With your trusty hook, a jetpack, and a ship, explore the beautiful open world in search for revenge against those who wronged your family.

Learn the story of young Walter and his friends. Rebuild your Fathership and embark on a journey beyond the clouds.

Fight in the sky and on land. Explore the sprawling open-world of Skylands with many islands: forest, snow, farm, and urban biomes, and the mysterious Black Skylands themselves.
Harness the power of different weapons, using their special abilities to destroy your foes. Level up in the world by unlocking upgrades for your ships and guns. Experience unique special abilities granted by the ancient artifacts, scattered throughout Skylands.
Restore your Fathership to its former glory – build farms, trade, craft weapons, and ship modifications.

There are no accessibility settings available in the Demo and it’s not stated if those will be available in the full version of the game.

It’s also not stated if this game will have Steam achievements or achievements for the consoles, you can however wishlist the game over here: Black Skylands on Steam

To watch the announcement trailer for the game, be sure to check the video over at Black Skylands – PAX West 2019 – Announcement Trailer 

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