Every October when the new Call of Duty releases, its usually the same complaints of guns being unbalanced, or the game not being good. This year the entire community has come together with the same complaint for the most part. This year Infinity Ward tried to go out of the box and change how CoD is played. However the map design and the way the game modes play on the maps is extremely rough. Since launch players of all skill levels have been complaining about the maps. If rumors can be trusted it looks like Infinity Ward has been listening to the community. Rumors have been red hot the past day about a leak of DLC maps coming to Modern Warfare soon.

Some of these rumored maps are viewed as some of the best maps in CoD history. These maps include classics like Terminal, Crash, and Scrapyard. The entire community will be extremely excited if these maps come to the game sooner than later. To make things even better all DLC in this CoD is free to all players. This video from Doug “Censor” Martin although to early to tell if the leaks are real might put some pressure on Infinity Ward to make this update happen. https://twitter.com/Censor/status/1189603366680322055