Artwork by Dead Inside Studio


By: Nelson Arroyo

     You wake up in a cold wet room with blood and guts all over the floor, completely trapped, and no memory on how you got there. Do you give up, or do you try and escape? Captive answers this very question. 

    Made by Dead Inside Studios, Captive is an amazingly crafted game that builds suspense and fear to make you question everything. It immediately drops you into a world of horror and mystery, like your end could be around every corner. 

     Right at the beginning of the game, you are taken to a mostly black screen that offers you two choices. First, you can ‘give up’, which will exit you out of the game and back to your desktop. Second, is to escape, which is where your character’s story begins. You are immediately dropped into a world filled with clever puzzles, ghastly sights, and worst of all no answers. 

     The game, unlike most horror games, is pretty fast-paced, taking me about an hour to complete during my first playthrough. This was including my one death. But it is noted from the moment you start the game a countdown begins, giving you 30 minutes to complete the game. There are some ways that can extend this time to complete the game, but I’m not sure what happens when the timer runs out. I wasn’t brave enough to find out what happens. 

     If you are a fan of the Horror genre, then you should take the time to play Captive. It’s an entertaining experience that will leave you entertained and looking over your shoulder.

Dead Inside Studio’s Logo

     After playing Captive I am eagerly awaiting Dead Inside Studio’s next game Ghosts, which has already shown promise for an interesting story.