Over the years we have seen more and more games get big-screen adaptations. Some have been good others not so much. The question is what makes a movie/show based on a game good? From the classic Mortal Kombat movies to The Witcher produced by Netflix we have seen the entire spectrum.

It seems that as editing technology gets better the more possibilities exist in terms of what games can be turned into live-action. As we saw from The Witcher good editing can completely change the immersion. They were able to completely bring viewers into that world and give a great experience. Some of the older adaptations like Mortal Kombat with a little editing it was tough at some points to watch.

What makes turning a game into a movie is not trying to rush for cash. Publishers have to answer some questions themselves. Do we have a storyline that is worth telling through film? Do we have the ability to incorporate the important features of the game in a film? (i.e. special abilities, powers, senses, etc..) If the publisher can get through their checklist then they can proceed. A game that has had the rumor of being turned into a movie for the longest time but hasn’t is Gears of War. This is because it would be very difficult for any publisher to produce a film of this scale with all that is going on in the games.

We have seen many updates and announcements regarding upcoming movies and shows being produced based on games. We are getting an Uncharted prequel which has great potential. Netflix is making a series of Assassins Creed (let’s just hope it’s better than the movie), as well as an animated series in the world of Cyberpunk 2077 which should go with the game. Two games I hope we get Film/TV adaptations of sooner than later are Gears of War, and The Division. I feel both of those have great worlds for exploration by directors to make a truly immersive and edge of your seat viewing experience.