With the way that Fortnite has taken over the video game scene in 2018 it is not inconvievable to think that crossplay is on the minds of every game developer out there now. The ability to have one game connect people across all consoles from PC all the way to a smartphone is absolutely insane and was not something that was even thought to be possible just a few years ago. Now here we are with the one game out there that has this capability blowing up to be arguably the biggest game of all time. Implementing the ability to have crossplay not only makes it so that friends can play across different consoles but also allows the game to naturally grow to a much larger size at a much faster rate.

I believe that all major developers are thinking of moving towards the crossplay route sooner than later, as having a larger player base will, in turn, lead to the developers making more money. The fact of the matter is that the technology is available for developers to create games to have crossplay. However, it is probably much more time consuming and expensive to maintain a game with crossplay capability, as they have to be monitoring the servers constantly and must put out consistent updates in order to make sure the game is always running as smooth as possible. Will these expenses turn developers away from crossplay? I don’t think so considering the way that many games make a profit today is from some form of in-game purchases. I feel that this will continue to stand true going forward. Thus allowing developers to gain a larger more consistent player base to their games while still making money on the games.

The potential of growth that games would have from crossplay does not only benefit developers, but also would greatly benefit content creators (think Ninja, Nickmercs, and CourageJD). With the growth of Fortnite over the course of 2018, these streamers, as well as many others, took off at an insane rate in terms of following on twitch/youtube by riding the growth of Fortnite and being good at the game. Having other games implement crossplay in the future would allow for other streamers to do the same thing as those games player bases grow the viewer bases grow even more.

I believe that crossplay is not only important but it is necessary to the success of video games moving forward and will allow video games to continue to grow at an unprecedented rate, especially in terms of eSports. Be on the lookout for many more crossplay games to start to come out in 2019 and moving forward.