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We’re quickly approaching the end of Destiny 2‘s Season of Opulence and the launch of Shadowkeep, the next big expansion. If you’re still working your way up to the Power level cap of 750 ahead of Shadowkeep, the weekly Ascendant Challenge and its Powerful gear drop are always handy.

This week, the curse has been reset in the Dreaming City, which means the Shattered Throne dungeon is no longer available–a bummer for anybody who needs to finish it to snag the Masterwork for their Solstice of Heroes Majestic armor. It also brings us back to Week 2’s challenge, which is available for one more day before Tuesday’s weekly reset. Below, you’ll find a complete guide on where you need to go and what to do to complete this week’s bounty to earn Powerful gear.

The Ascendant Challenge always involves you heading through a portal to the Ascendant Plane, but the particulars of what you’re doing are entirely different from week to week. To start out, you’ll need a consumable item called the Tincture of Queensfoil. With a Tincture in hand, make your way to the Garden of Esila area near the southernmost point of the map, as seen in the image below. Consuming the Tincture will provide you with the Ascendance buff that allows to see a Taken portal that’s somewhat hidden on a cliffside. Jump in, and you’ll be teleported to the Ascendant Plane’s Forfeit Shrine.

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Once you’re there, you’ll have to fend off Taken–or just avoid them–while trying to secure three Arc Charges around the area. Once you pick one up, head toward the center starting area, near the giant Blight ball. Walk into the bright point at the bottom to dunk the charge you’re holding. Repeat the process two more times and you’ll receive an endless supply of Super energy that will help you to kill all of the remaining Taken in the area. Once they’re dealt with, you can complete the bounty (netting you Dark Fragments and Powerful gear) and open a chest.

Given that the bounty (not the chest) offers Powerful gear–a reliable way of increasing your Power level–this is an activity you’ll definitely want to take part in once you’re able. But bear in mind it is a challenge, so be sure to come prepared. It can be done solo, but having multiple teammates to grab charges and draw the enemies’ attention can help immensely.

Meanwhile, if you’re hunting still hunting gear in The Black Armory, be sure to check out our guides to getting Izanagi’s Burden and the Jotunn fusion rifle. Also, don’t bother collecting Powerful gear bounties to turn in next week when the new season starts–Bungie is dropping an update that changes things so you can stockpile gear drops for a big boost as soon as the level cap rises. You’ll have to play through Season of the Drifter content like everyone else to raise your level to the new cap.

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