Escape From Tarkov a game that has been around for 2 years had a major jump in popularity after an event in colaboration with Twitch. This event allowed viewers to link their twitch to their game account and recieve in game drops. These drops ranged from items worth nothing in the game to some of the most expensive and rare items. The event ran for 6 days and viewers were getting drops on average about every 3.5 hours. This drops event and meteoric rise of popularity of EFT brings the question is this the future of Twitch?

Twitch would go crazy if other games used some form of twitch drops. This would give viewers a true incentive to watch their favorite streamers. EFT is known to be one of the most hardcore games that available. This has made some people avoid it. The fear to play or lose of interest because of how unforgiving it is, is the hardest to get past. Having this drops event gave players the ability to get items they might not have found or had the opportunity to use before. As with most things, the more you play EFT the better you get at the game.

Imagine if EPIC did something like this for Fortnite with skins, emotes, and weapon wraps. Or if EA did this with packs for Fifa or Madden Ultimate team? This would be an incredible way to get more players to get on the games instead of watch. This event is also amazing for the content creators who play games that can also do a similar Drop event.

A perfect example of a streamer being put in a great spot to succeed with this event is Pestily. Pestily has put so much time into streaming and making youtube videos to explain EFT to new and experienced players, he had never had more than 15k viewers before the twitch drops event. Pestily started the Drops event with a 44 hour stream. For the next 4 days didnt drop below 70k viewers when he was live. He even hit 100k+ and was keeping EFT as the most viewed on twitch over games like League of Legends and Fortnite. He even completed the hardest challenge in the game currently with 80k+ viewers in stream.

100th Killa Kill

Clip of Pestily Playing Escape From Tarkov – Clipped by oFishBowl

This event was an incredible experience for the EFT community. It helped grow the game to a level that no one would have expected. EFT has been maintaining great viewership since the event ended staying in the top 3-4 games viewed on twitch. The biggest streamers on the platform have given the game a try after seeing the hype of the event. Streamers such as Timthetatman, Cloakzy, Dr.Disrespect, etc… have been playing and from many peoples point of view have truly enjoyed the game and the way it plays. This is a very exciting time for players of EFT and for the future of the game.