The Escape from Tarkov community has been patiently waiting for the last 9 months for the games largest update to come to fruition. In the past couple weeks the hype has been growing thanks to some reddit posts and tweets from the Developers over at Battlestate Games. It now is looking like the update will be coming in the next few days maybe even in the coming hours after the release of the trailer.

Escape from Tarkov Beta – 0.12 Patch trailer featuring Rezerv Base

We are pleased to present you the trailer for long awaited Patch 0.12 in Escape from Tarkov! Get ready for new location, the Hideout management, character clothing customization, new weapons and gear, new bosses and traders and many many other things!

The trailer shows us some very exciting new things to look forward to once the patch comes. The game is being moved to an updated engine, we will be getting 100’s of new attachments and we also will be getting new player animations. This update should also provide a large boost in performance of this game in terms of both how it plays and looks. The time the community has been waiting for is finally in reach and this is an extremely exciting time for fans of this hardcore survival fps.