Fallout 76, everyone knows about it. The multiplayer fallout that was announced at an e3 conference along with a ton of other Bethesda news.

Fallout fans were excited, multiplayer fanatics were rejoicing. A fallout game that people could play with their friends.

For some, it seemed too good to be true with a lot of skepticism around the game.

Well, it was too good to be true.

On launch, Fallout 76 seemed like an immediate failure with the game being buggy, unplayable and just downright not fun for many.

On top of the game not being good or optimized, Bethesda did not shy from trying to make money on this mound of a failure.

Microtransactions filled the store, pre-order incentives that preyed on consumers and even collectors edition pre-orders not being what was advertised with cheap nylon bags instead of the canvas bags.

Bethesda was not in good light for a long time, and have never truly gotten its reputation in the right light since then.

With a few updates and announcements that were made at the last e3; Fallout 76 looked to be on the up and up.


Yet, Bethesda has managed to keep themselves in the negative spotlight.

Last week, Bethesda announced that their highly anticipated update that would feature NPC’s and many other features would be delayed until 2020.

Today Bethesda announced Fallout 1st; a new premium subscription service for the game that offers a few features for premium members. (Reminder this game still sells for 40 dollars online in most stores.)

Neither of these announcements made people very happy. (The 30 people still playing Fallout 76)

Mind you, this game was poorly received at launch and surely can not be hitting the numbers they want (and honestly needs to be Free-to-Play at this point in its life) and they still have the audacity to try and shovel a little bit more cash out of this pit they have made.

A month of this subscription service that offers “premium features” is $12.99. Are you kidding me?!? 13 dollars a month for a game that should be free at this point.

To top off the anger, the “premium features” they offer are even more of a joke.

A private server, some monthly premium currency and a few in-game items.

I thought about trying Fallout 76 around e3 when some announcements were made and now I am glad I didn’t.

If I were you; I stayed far away from this game and hope that future Bethesda projects go back to old Bethesda form. (Hopefully with a new engine)

If you play this game, I’m glad you have fun with it, but I promise there are better games on the market.

The Outer Worlds will solve all your RPG-loving problems.