Fortnite is ready to host another online event and it is happening tomorrow February 14th. The Secret Skirmish is taking place on valentines day and the only things we really know about it, are the players and the prize pool. You will be able to see some of your favorite streamers such as Tfue, Cloakzy, Chap, Nickmercs, and Aydan all take part in this Skirmish. These players will all be fighting for their take of the $500,000 prize pool. We should expect to see similar play to the past few months of competitive Fortnite. Very slow paced at endgame circles, but we can always get fast paced action with Nickmercs and Aydan early game landing at Tilted Towers.

Nick vs Ayden Part 1

Nick vs Ayden Part 1 – Clipped by AlbertoliRavioli

One big thing to watch out for is that Fortnite had scheduled Update 7.40 to release today February 13th, but has since been delayed. This update is planned to address many “game breaking” features that the community has wanted fixed for a while. Some of these features are no more plane damage to structures, and RPG reload time will be about .5 seconds longer. If this update does not come out in time for the Secret Skirmish we will see RPGs and Planes playing a big part throughout all the heats.

One thing is for sure the Secret Skirmish will see some great competition and will for sure produce plenty of highlights. Make sure to tune into the Fortnite channel on twitch or watch your favorite streamer to get a unique perspective from them. The Skirmish starts tomorrow afternoon, be ready to cheer on your favorite players!