Is This What The Real Time Mount Rushmore of Fortnite Looks Like?

It’s the year 2049, and your favorite Fortnite All Stars (Dr. Disrespect, Courage, Nick Mercs, Tfue, Dr. Lupo, and Ninja) are leaving their local bingo halls to see who still has their aim and building skills one last time.  Who has aged the best/worst?? 

Our Winner is Dr. Disrespect, look at that mustache, still full in color! 

Thanks to our friends at FaceApp!  Take a look at the photos below:

Dr. Disrespect… I respect your aging!
Courage does not use ‘Just For Men’
All the early publicity of Ninja took a toll on him. Nick Mercs’ workout regiment kept him like Stallone.
Tfue looks like he hangs out at the horse track
Dr. Lupo….