This is a tough question to give an accurate answer to, because of how much goes into a game being this size and this popular throughout the entire world. Fortnite has the perfect combination of being free to play, constant updates by the developer, great entertainers playing the game on both Twitch and YouTube every day, and big name celebrities making it public knowledge that they play the game every chance they have. All of these things combined have led to Fortnite being the biggest game of all time in just over one year of being out, and the craziest part about it is that Fortnite has not even been fully released, it is still an Early Access game. 

Fortnite has continued to grow at an extreme rate because of many factors.  Firstly the fact that they are able to retain players and keep them coming back each day.   Whether if its for only for one game a day or if its to login to buy a new skin that is released each day to have a collection of skins. When people keep returning to a game they are more likely to talk about it to friends which draws more and more people in creating a chain reaction. This is actually what drew me into Fortnite, at first I didn’t love the concept of building or a third person only battle royale, but since all of my friends kept talking about it even if we were just at the bar it would always come up I decided to give the game a real shot. After a few games I was truly addicted and it brought back a feeling I hadn’t had from a video game in years which I am sure many people in the world can relate to. 

In my opinion Fortnite does not have anything to worry about in terms of future Battle Royale games, at least none of the BR games that have been announced yet. The area that I think Fortnite has the highest risk is in the frequent updates they have.  I feel that they need to make sure that they do not release any game breaking (extremely overpowered) items like the P90 was when it was first released.  They also need to keep making changes to the map, or even release a new map to keep older players interested while also drawing in more new players.

 Fortnite will last as long as EPIC continues to bring constant updates and continue to listen to the community in what they add, remove, nerf, and buff.  If they continue to bring in more season long stories such as the rocket in season 4 and the current mystery “purple cube” in season 5 they will continue to keep players entertained.  The rocket event led up to a worldwide event in which everyone can get into a game at the same time and across every single game instance the same event occurs at the exact same second, this not only draws a very large amount of people onto the servers to play the game at the same time it creates an event that no other game out there is capable of right now, which draws in all kinds of positive attention across different social media. EPIC has also shown great skill in marketing with real world events, two examples of this kind of marketing involve the collaboration Marvel during the time of the release of Avengers: Infinity War and having a limited time game mode involving the entire server (99 players) against 1 player as Thanos. More recently EPIC has collaborated with Samsung for the release of the Galaxy Note 9, where owners of the Galaxy Note 9 will be granted an extremely rare skin when they login to the game on their mobile device. I am expecting for EPIC to continue to market and do more and more collaborations and possibly seeing these collaborations get even bigger and more entertaining to see and to play.

 Personally, I don’t see Fortnite going anywhere anytime soon, and if it does it is because somewhere along the way EPIC messed up not because the game failed. The game has everything going for it to be the dominant name in video games for a long time and I feel it will continue to hold that position.