You play video games, you must live in your moms basement and are a loser…. That seems to be the ongoing thought with the uninformed. I recently came across a post on Reddit “” and it got me back to the reason we started The Good Game Report.

A 16 year old just won $3,000,000 on the world stage playing Fortnite. This person put in countless hours of work, gave up on a social life, trained harder than the next best person, lost hours of sleep, most likely missed big events, and countless other items to pursue something that most of us couldn’t dream of accomplishing. Yet there are people out there that say “OMG he is wasting his life”.

How false and dumb those people are. Keep living your dreams, keep striving to be the next star, and never listen to the people who doubt you.

Congratulations Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, looking forward to seeing you next year on the grand stage.