You have heard the term before “It’s in the cloud,” you have heard about this mysterious cloud where every bit of data goes to be stored and everything ever put on the internet it kept.

Cloud gaming takes over traditional gaming 10 years in the future

Now gaming is moving to the “cloud.” First, it was saves, profiles, accounts and many other aspects of gaming, but what about playing an entire game straight out of this so-called “cloud”.

Google has hit the ground running with their attempt at taking from the huge gaming pool of money just sitting there waiting to be tapped into.

What is Stadia and How It Works – Everything You Need To Know Before Launch

Stadia will start arriving November 19! Find out just how easy it is to enjoy your favorite video games without an expensive console or PC. No more waiting for game downloads or installations when you’d rather be playing. Instead, Stadia streams directly to the screens on your favorite devices.

On November 15, Google will launch its new cloud gaming service so here is everything you need to know about its upcoming release.

Google Stadia was announced in October of 2018 where they told the world about their project to make gaming completely cloud-based.

In March of 2019 at Google’s keynote address that is when we really learned about what Google wants to accomplish.

Stadia will be cloud gaming where Google boasts being able to stream 4k resolution at 60 frames per second right over the internet onto any screen that can use Google Chrome.

They say that this will be able to be played on Google chrome through an extension on PC, smartphones, tablets, and with a tv using Google chrome cast.

Google says Stadia will require at least 10 Mbit/s for 720p 60 FPS, 20 Mbit/s for 1080p HDR Video 60 FPS, and 35 Mbit/s for 4K HDR Video 60 FPS.

So what do you need to use Google Stadia? Almost nothing except one of the devices that can run Google and the Stadia controller which runs for around the same price as any other controller on the market at $69.

There is also a founders edition that gets you the controller, a google chrome stick and 3 months of Stadia pro. You can pre-order this edition now

Google Stadia Founders

There are two tiers of membership to the Stadia one being free and one is $9.99 a month.

The free tier is just online access and access to the shop of games similar to a Steam store.

The paid tier offers users to access higher streaming rates, access a library of free games over time, and get discounts on other games offered for Stadia for $9.99 a month. Hopefully, the games play well enough on a free tier that you won’t need to be forced to pay monthly just to enjoy the games.

Here is a list of known games to be on the Stadia either at launch or within the near future.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey5 October 2018
Marvel’s Avengers15 May 2020
Baldur’s Gate IIITBA
Borderlands 313 September 2019
The Crew 229 June 2018
Cyberpunk 207716 April 2020
Darksiders GenesisTBA
Destiny 26 September 2017
Destroy All Humans!TBA
Tom Clancy’s The Division 215 March 2019
Doom13 May 2016
Doom Eternal20 March 2020
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 225 October 2016
The Elder Scrolls Online4 April 2014
Farming Simulator 1920 November 2018
Final Fantasy XV29 November 2016
Football Manager 2020TBA
Get Packed †TBA
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint4 October 2019
Gods and Monsters[24]25 February 2020
Grid11 October 2019
Gylt †TBA
Just Dance 20205 November 2019
Kine[25]17 October 2019
Metro Exodus15 February 2019
Mortal Kombat 1123 April 2019
NBA 2K206 September 2019
Orcs Must Die 3 †TBA
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid26 March 2019
Rage 214 May 2019
Red Dead Redemption 2[26]26 October 2018
Rise of the Tomb Raider15 November 2015
Samurai Shodown25 June 2019
Shadow of the Tomb Raider14 September 2018
Superhot26 February 2016
Thumper10 October 2016
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition14 January 2014
Trials Rising26 February 2019
Untitled Q-Games game[27]TBA
Watch Dogs: Legion[28]6 March 2020
Windjammers 2TBA
Wolfenstein: Youngblood[29]

Google is adding there big deep pockets of money to the gaming scene. Are you excited to try it out? Do you think it will perform well against the other forms of gaming, or will this push Xbox, Sony and Nintendo to make a push for cloud gaming as well? Let us know in the comments below what you guys are thinking.