As of tomorrow September 19th 2019, Gotham City will take over the location we all know as Tilted Town (Previously Tilted Towers). This Batman x Fortnite crossover event is going to be made possible by the Rift Machine that the visitor has introduced us to in season X. Besides the location getting a completely different look, players will also be able to get their hands on Batman’s Grappling Hook, as well as Batwings which by all accounts will play like a proximity grenade.

This crossover event is to help promote the Batman games becoming available on the Epic Games store. This isn’t the first time that Epic has used Fortnite to promote other games or movies, the latest example being Borderlands 3. This most likely will not be the last time that Fortnite is used as a promotional tool either.

Keep an eye out for some of the Batman specific items in the shop and obtainable through challenges starting right after the content update in the early morning hours of EST.