CD PROJECKT RED: Today for National video games day on twitter CDPR dropped a release date for the IOS version of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

October 29, Gwent will be coming to IOS devices for free and they had no information on Android.

Gwent is the popular card game that was featured in The Witcher 3 and because of fan popularity, CDPR turned it into a full-fledge competitive card game.

In Gwent, you can build and collect cards, make decks and create strategies all with cards and characters out of the Witcher universe.

GWENT on Twitter

GWENT is coming to iOS! 📱 You can pre-order the game on AppStore now to get it on your device immediately after it releases on October 29th! Details: Pre-order 🔗: #GWENTiOS

The game is currently out on Xbox, PS4 and on GOG CDPR’s launcher on PC.

Will you guys try the game out? Let us know in the comments.