Confirming what had been hinted at in leaks, League of Legends new hero, Yuumi, is an absolutely adorable cat. She flies around on a magical book, which lets her attach to friendly champions, and fly after them. But most of all, she is adorable. She is a very pretty cat, and she does everything you’d expect a cat to do.

Yuumi is a support hero, and can dash into friendly characters to provide a buff.

I’ve got to say, I absolutely love this character design, and the animations are beyond charming. The way Riot has handled the paw movements is just spot on. How can you not love Yuumi? She’s the most cat-like character I’ve seen in videogames for a very long time. It’s to the point that I kind of expect her to push pens and other items off the counter she’s on. Yuumi is, as any good cat character might be, obsessed with fish. She leaps from character to character, adding her buff to each character she touches.

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