LPL Spring Split – Week One

Welcome one and all to the 2020 season of League of Legends! To those of you delighted with the FunPlus Phoenix’s World Championship victory to deny G2 Esports’ Grand Slam to close out last year, your wait is finally over as we are now into the first week of the LOL Pro League Spring Split!

The first week kicked off with a hot match right out of the gate with Invictus Gaming who faced off against the defending world champions FunPlus, and emerged victorious in a 2-1 set, showing that they made it to the semi-finals for a reason and are eager to perform even better this year!

Following closely in their footsteps, Snake pushed LGD Gaming back to their inhibitor with a 2-1 victory as well.

Tuesday saw more one-sided affairs with JD Gaming and eStar defeating their respective opponents, OMG and Rouge Warriors in 2-0 matches.

Wednesday saw Bilibili Gaming defeat Vici in a 2-1 victory, while Invictus Gaming took to the field once more as they faced off against the SinoDragons. With a 5k gold lead in game one at 20 minutes, Invictus showed that they certainly have not lost their touch and that their opening victory against FunPlus was not merely a fluke. Rounding the day out with a 2-0 victory, Invictus clinched one of the coveted first place positions in week one.

Thursday brought the return of Edward Gaming to the stage, who took home the win with a comfortable 2-0 set. Not to be outdone, Rogue Warriors also sealed a 2-0 victory over SN Gaming.

Going into Friday, Topsports brushed aside Snake to secure their own 2-0 victory, while eStar was forced to battle FunPlus Phoenix in a thrilling match, with an upset 2-1 victory over the world champions. Is this a sign that the champions have lost their luster? Or are they simply taking longer to adjust to the current meta than their competitors. Either way, many might see this as a worrying sign for the supposed best team in the world.

Today Bilibili Gaming and JD Gaming also secured their positions in first place by defeating Royal Never Give Up and Team WE respectively.

Tomorrow, Sunday 19th, we will see Vici go at it against SinoDragons, while the main game of the day will no doubt be Edward Gaming and Topsports. These two teams will face off against each other with the aim of securing themselves in the top half of the pack and the other relegated to a tied 5th place. While it is early days yet, neither team wants to be in that position; so no doubt it will be an entertaining series!

The seven-day format of matches for the LPL continues its promises to provide fans with an intense opening week of combat as these organisations strive to find their footing with the latest changes to the Rift.

Having secured two consecutive World Championships, the eyes of every region now rest on China. Before it was merely an aspiration, but now it is an expectation, that whoever dominates the Chinese League, will be the titan to topple in this year’s World Championship.

No longer will these teams be able to enter the World’s tournament as ‘unknowns.’ They have proven that they can claim the title of the best of the best, but only time will tell are they the true masters of the Rift.

After all, the LPL is proof that no region remains dominant forever, having taken the title from Korea and defended it successfully. So, the question is, who can take on the current champions? Until that question can be answered, this writer looks eagerly into the 2020 season to see what champions the LPL will produce next.

Written by Brendan ‘PlantsDontFly’ Feely