In what could only be referred to as an “Industry Changing acquisition” it has been leaked that Microsoft is set to buy Bethesda Softworks parent company ZeniMax for $7.5 Billion (yes Billion with a B). This is a major boost in the current console wars that are going with many consumers around the world on the fence between picking the Xbox Series S or Series X or the PS5 which both released in November of this year.

How this affects different releases and different games that Bethesda has been working on for the next-gen consoles is unknown at this time. What is known is that this acquisition will give Microsoft ownership of two timed PS5 exclusives, Wolfenstein and Dishonored. We all will have to wait and see how Microsoft goes about handling the ownership of games that are exclusive to their direct competitor console.

The other two major series titles that Microsoft will now have ownership of are The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. It wouldn’t make sense for Microsoft to make either of these truly exclusive, but we may see exclusive content on the Xbox side of things. Microsoft has all the power with these two series now. With how big the fan bases are we could see a very large influx of new customers heading to the Xbox this Fall.

Microsoft is sending a Huge Wave through the entire industry and is showing that they want to dominate with the next-gen of consoles.


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