An indie game studio, Second Dinner has made a deal with Marvel to create games with their studio.

The game studio Second Dinner is made up of many ex-blizzard employees who all were apart of the original Hearthstone team.

Second Dinner will work with Marvel and NetEase a Chinese internet company to create games using the Marvel Universe. There is no news on to what type of game they are working on, but many believe it will be some kind of CCG as the team is well known for their work on Hearthstone.

They have stated on their website that it will encompass a broad approach to the Marvel Universe.

As of right now there is no timetable set for the release of the game but they believe that their investment with NetEase will carry them all the way up to the release of their game.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this game. Will it be a worthy competitor to the vastly popular game Hearthstone?