NHL 21 has been early access since October 13th and so far the game has been great! The full release is slated for October 16th that is when anyone who did not preorder the game will get access. NHL 21 has brought some much needed changes and revitalization to the franchise. Although the game still has some problems it is fun and plays great at this point.

EA has fully revamped the Be a Pro game mode which is something fans have been asking for for years. The new version of the mode has added in both on and off ice interactions with coaches, teammates, and players. These interactions allow you to carve a path of your player throughout his career. The path to becoming the 1st pick also has new opportunities. You can either start your career in the CHL, in Europe, or automatically in the NHL. Each path has different challenges to overcome on your way to becoming a superstar.

Overall the gameplay has improved from last years title. Defending has more chances to make plays without taking penalties. Cross crease passes for backdoor goals though is still very overpowered. I feel that some changes will come from EA to address the cross crease goals in the coming months. This years title seems like a game that will continue to be fun for months to come for all of us fans.