Blizzard Entertainment has affirmed the following legend for Overwatch will be doctor Jean-Baptiste Augustin.

The studio discharged another video short specifying Baptiste’s starting points story, which takes a gander at how he was stranded at a youthful age and essentially experienced childhood with a combat zone. He later joined Talon, yet years after the fact had an assault of inner voice and picked to leave. Baptiste now battles to improve the world a spot.

Blizzard hasn’t yet affirmed when he’ll be playable on the PC Public Test Realm, in spite of the fact that we’ll keep you tuned in.

Curiously, it is trusted that Baptiste is voiced by Benz Antoine, a Haitian-Canadian on-screen character who posted a mystery a month ago of him recording exchange at Sound Lounge in New York City, which just so has worked with Blizzard previously.

Baptiste likewise seems to talk with a Haitian inflection, so there’s that, as well. All things considered, we won’t know without a doubt until Blizzard talks up.