This is a piece taken from  M1cha3l’s blog where he covers Overwatch characters and how he likes them. You can visit his blog for all his past post of other characters.

“Winston is one of my favorite characters and can be played just like Wrecking ball. He uses a Tesla gun that can hit multiple targets in close range and can deploy a dome shield. Winston’s jet pack helps you rush your opponents, damages enemies nearby when landing and can also be combined with a melee attack for extra damage.

With Winston you must choose your targets carefully and make taking down supports a priority. I didn’t have too much trouble going against many characters, but reaper and bastion just destroyed me. Hanzo and Widowmaker if they’re accurate. If you manage to move in and out of your dome shield dodging attacks you can win most of your battles. primal rage gives Winston extra health and gives you the ability knocks enemies back. I like to use it to knock enemies off the map.

Overall Winston is a real fun character to play, you must know where health packs are at to plan dive attacks. Be able to jetpack in and out of battles and dancing around your dome shield to avoid getting hit. Go after low health targets preferably support, avoid reaper, bastion and other tanks.”