This is a piece taken from  M1cha3l’s blog where he covers Overwatch characters and how he likes them. You can visit his blog for all his past post of other characters.

“Zenyatta is a support character that launches destructive energy orbs, orbs of Discord and orbs of Harmony. the Destructive energy orbs deal damage, the Discord and Harmony orbs are homing projectiles that can be attached on characters. Discord orbs when placed on an opponent amplifies damage done to them by 25%. Harmony orbs heal teammates when placed on them, until they are fully healed then it returns. Only one teammate can hold the Harmony orb and only one opponent can hold the Discord orb at time. Zenyatta’s ultimate ability puts him in a transcendent state that makes him invincible and heals nearby allies.

Zenyatta is a very powerful and can do a lot of damage for a support, his destructive orbs can be launched one at a time or in volley of up to 5 orbs depending on how long you charge it. calling out your discord orbs so that your teammates can target them killing them faster is very important. be quick sending out your harmony orbs.

Zenyatta is a fun character to play that does a decent amount of damage and heals teammates. his ultimate ability is a game changer can be the difference between a win or loss. you can play him aggressive like a DPS but I like to stay back and call out discords and healing teammates.”