Despite PC gamers missing out on some high-profile console exclusives last year, the PC remains in the top slot for developers – and according to a recent survey, the PC’s lead is growing.

The GDC State of the Game Industry survey is an annual study that asks current game developers about trends in the business. This year, the 4,000 survey respondents indicated yet again that the PC remains their favored platform for development, with mobile devices at a distant second. Consoles show up down the list from there.

This year, 56% of respondents to the survey said that their last completed game shipped on PC, while 66% said the game they are currently working on will include a PC launch. That’s more than twice the number for either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, and in both cases the PC improved slightly over last year’s results.

Another question asked developers which platforms they anticipate their next game releasing on, and 62% said PC, with 35% predicting mobile launches, 32% on the PlayStation 4/Pro, and 29% on the Xbox One/X.

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