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The Persona video game franchise has set a new sales record. Developer Atlus announced in a blog post (translated by VentureBeat) that the entire series has now surpassed 10 million copies sold.

This figure counts copies sold in the mainline series, which has so far spanned five entries, as well as the spin-offs. Atlus did not provide a breakdown of sales by title, but it was already announced that Persona 5 alone had shifted 2.7 million copies.

The new 10 million figure comes after Persona publisher Sega announced in its 2018 financial report that the series had reached 9.3 million copies shipped as of October 2018. The release of certain Persona games in Japan and Persona Q2 worldwide since then surely helped the figure grow to 10 million.

Also in the blog post, Atlus said fans can look forward to an upcoming news event for Persona 5 Royal in the near future. Royal is an updated version of the Persona 5 that is slated for release in October on PS4. The game is expected to be a hit, in turn boosting the series sales even higher.

Royal launches in Japan in October, with a release scheduled for the west in Spring 2020. For more on P5R, be sure to read (or watch) our analysis of the first full reveal trailer, breakdown of all the new information that followed, or details on the new playable character Kasumi Yoshizawa.

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