If you were lucky enough to get an invite to The Division 2’s private beta, which is running this weekend, you’ll have found there’s quite a bit to do. Early missions include establishing contact with an outpost in one of D.C.’s historic theaters, recovering the Declaration of Independence from the National Archives, and exploring one of the game’s three Dark Zone areas. Now you can also get a taste of The Division 2’s endgame, with three maxed-out characters and a special post-story mission featuring a new enemy faction.

Be warned: There are potential spoilers for The Division 2’s story, which apparently has quite the twist ending.

If you log in to The Division 2’s private beta, you’ll now notice that you have three variants of the character you started. Each of these uses one of The Division 2’s new specializations – there’s the sharpshooter, the survivalist, and the demolitionist. These use a combination of signature weapons, unique gear options, and specialist skills that help fill out their particular role in a squad.

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