Today February 12th 2019 marks the first Apex Legends tournament and players will be competing for their share of $50,000! The tournament is happening just one day after Apex Legends announcing that they have reached 25 Million Players. That is in just one week since releasing. This is an amazing feat which can be greatly attributed to the way that Respawn Entertainment marketed the game from the second it was released. Partnering with as many large streamers as they did is not something that we have truly seen yet in the video game marketing world. This was clearly a good plan. Since its release Apex Legends has been the number 1 game on and has been being played by many large streamers such as Ninja, Shroud, Dr.Disrespect..etc.

Many of the competitors in today’s tournament are very large streamers with massive audiences. Just by showing how much they enjoy the game these streamers can draw players in. If the tournament goes well it is very likely that many of the new viewers may convert to new players of the game. Some of the streamers have even been playing mental games against each other leading up to the tournament. This tournament will be an extremely important step in the development of Apex Legends. If the event goes off smoothly and without issues it could be the start of a great competitive Battle Royale scene that we have been missing.

Shroud disrespecting the Doc

Shroud disrespecting the Doc – Clipped by pfizenmaier

The North American side of the tournament will be starting at 4pm EST. Make sure to tune in to the Twitch Rivals stream or your favorite streamers channel to catch the action. This is something you surely wont want to miss out on watching.