With Call of Duty Modern Warfare releasing on October 25th many people are looking into pre-ordering the game last minute. 

When pre-ordering Call of Duty there are usually a few different versions to decide between. 

Firstly we have the base version of the game that is $59 with minimal extras outside of the game itself. 

Next is the “Operator Edition” which is $79 and includes 3 operator skins which are cosmetic only in the game. 

The last two versions are the “Operator Enhanced Edition” which includes the same items as the “Operator Edition” but also includes 3,000 Call of Duty Points which will be used to buy cosmetic items in the game such as skins, weapon camos or weapon skins. The “Operator Enhanced Edition” will cost $99. 

Also coming in at $99 is the “Precision Edition” which is a Gamestop Exclusive and will include multiple physical items such as Kontrol Freek Joysticks and a Steelbook Case for the physical disc of the game. 

The best option for the majority of consumers will be the Base Version of the game that costs $60, this is the best version to buy because all of the DLC for Call of Duty this year is going to be free. The only things you will not be getting with the base version are 3 cosmetic skin packs. These skin packs will be nice to have on the first day of release, but with the CoD Points system and the rumored Season Pass type idea (similar to Fortnite’s Battlepass) you will not be missing out on to much for long.

Good luck in the coming days/weeks in your games and we will see you out on the battlefield.