Before any of you say something within the comments, hear me out. I still like Fortnite. I still get pleasure from taking part in it for a couple hours daily. It’s not the game’s fault for turning some individuals away: it’s us.

As players, as a community, and as individuals as a whole, we have a tendency to discourage bad players for ruining experiences. We have a tendency to bash them, call them bots, and de-humanize then for simply not being nearly as good. Not to mention, we have a tendency to conjointly bash on the better player, or “sweats”, urged proving the stupidity of our own community. We call them try-hards, we are saying they ruin the experience for others. however, in all honesty, everyone seems to be ruining the experience for everybody.

Even the professionals/streamers are seen being toxic. Reporting a player who killed them just because they were outplayed. They carry a lot of weight when deciding on what to put or not put in the game. Creating smurf accounts to play at a lower level and perpetuating the toxic environment for new players.

Having this split of a community is what ruins the experience for not only the community, however makes it a straightforward target for general media to poke fun at a he littlest of things.

We ruined the game that all of us love.