A terrible tragedy has struck the world of YouTube and gaming with the death of 29-year old Desmond Amofah, aka Etika. The body of the star was found in the Manhattan East River on Sunday June 23rd. The belief is that he took his own life after jumping from the Manhattan Bridge. The young star was very well known and popular for his reaction videos to newly released games and upcoming films.

One of the most regrettable aspects of his passing, is the fact that Amofah’s mental health appeared to be declining in very public settings over the past several months. In late October of 2018, he decided to purposefully destroy his own channel, which had well over 800,000 subscribers to its name, by uploading porn directly on to the site. This led to its subsequent ban and, not long after, Etika was revealed to be seeking help at Elmhurst Mental Hospital (as revealed in a Tweet from Keemstar).

Several other confusing and strange actions could be seen in the Brooklyn native’s Reddit and Twitch activity before an upsetting video was uploaded online a week ago (The video has since been taken down). The video reads to many as the final message of a person who has entirely decided to take their own life. He apologized to fans and lamented at the briefness of his life, now not being able to enjoy the new gaming content coming out. 

The entire situation has put fans and friends at a loss for words and brought more and more questions to the surface. The staff of Good Game Report sends its condolences to all who knew and loved Desmond Amofah, either for his entertaining content and contributions to the gaming community, or for the joy he brought in his personal life. 

Many fans have begun work crafting and designing a petition (which sits at 1.8 million signees) to have the final wishes for Etika’s burial (which he had detailed at length in a video) to be granted. These include a burial in front of the LA HQ of YouTube with an ‘interestingly’ marked headstone and ‘unique’ music to be played. I’ll put the link to the video down here for people to hear, as well as appreciate Etika in one of his happiest and funniest moments, in spite of the dark topic he is addressing.

Etika Describes How He Wants to be Buried (REST IN PEACE ETIKA ❤️)

I just wanted to update this description to thank everyone for being a part of this community. The best things we can do now are to carry on his legacy and p…

Video from YouTube channel ‘Evanite’

If you or anyone you know is struggling with mental health concerns, or is considering thoughts of suicide, please seek help with the National Suicide Prevention Hotlineat 1-800-273-8255.